What are The Best Tours in Puerto Rico


5 Unforgettable Experiences in Puerto Rico You Must Try!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Puerto Rico, and I can confidently say it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken; it’s truly a paradise. This Caribbean island has something for everyone, from the beautiful beaches to the majestic mountains! But if you want to make the most of your stay, here are five must-do not to be missed.


With ITOURPUERTORICO, I was able to experience the best adventure tours in Puerto Rico – MONSTER The Zipline Tour. I had a chance to ride the top three ziplines in the world – with 7 zip lines in a sitting position! This included Monster, which is the longest zip line in the world, followed by The Beast, the second-longest zip line in the world. I TOUR PUERTO RICO also provides pick-up services from San Juan, making this a hassle-free and incredibly exhilarating experience.

I was off to experience the best adventure tour in Puerto Rico. The adrenaline-packed tour promised top-tier safety thanks to their redundant two cable lines. With a harness around my legs securely attached to pulleys, I stepped onto a platform equipped with a helmet and gloves. And away, I flew through seven different ziplines. It was an amazing ride thrilling for adventurers of all ages!

El Yunque HIKING

One of my favorite activities was trekking through El Yunque rainforest beneath its stunning natural beauty. Waterfall Adventure Tour gave me the unique opportunity to learn about the rainforest flora and fauna, conservation efforts, and the importance of the surrounding environment. With ITOURPUERTORICO, I had the opportunity to take a fun sliding adventure down the waterfall, just relax and appreciate its spectacular sights. Although I’ve visited Puerto Rico multiple times, this was truly a special memory that will stay with me forever.

With I TOUR PUERTO RICO the drive to the beautiful rainforest area should take about 40 minutes. Once you arrive, you can truly escape city life and explore nature’s wonders in this breathtaking area. During your two-hour stay there, you’ll find a water slide, be sure to bring some instant relaxation and fun. I TOUR PUERTO RICO guarantees it’ll be a special day to remember!

The Secret Culebra Island Snorkel Tour

ITOURPUERTORICO’s Culebra Island Getaway Beach & Snorkel Tour was a wondrous adventure across the Caribbean, starting with breathtaking views of the Cordillera Islands from marina Puerto del Rey. After sailing for around 40 minutes on a high-speed catamaran, we stopped at one of Culebra’s spectacular reefs for about an hour and a half of snorkeling.

On this excursion, we had the opportunity to visit Flamenco Beach to enjoy a day filled with sun, sand, and sea. Depending on water conditions and weather, the Captains steered to either Culebrita, Tamarindo, or another beautiful beach that would fit best to relax and take in nature’s beauty. After a nice swim and perhaps some snorkeling offshore, lunch was served at around 11:45. Even then, there was plenty of time before our departure back to the marina at 3:45 pm. We all enjoyed a delightful meal featuring local pastries, sandwiches crafted from scratch, a salad bar, and some freshly cut fruits. All in all, it was an incredible day that left me feeling genuinely delighted!

Old San Juan Sailing Excursion

I had the chance to go on ITOURPUERTORICO’s San Juan Sunset Bay Sailing Excursion. Specifically, I took a trip aboard the Amazing Grace! It served as an incredible replica of traditional American sailing crafts and was stunning when outfitted with its seven sails used in different combinations according to varying wind conditions. It truly made for a memorable experience as we sailed through San Juan Bay and beheld the city’s captivating architectural charm. The view of the sunset against the evening sky was simply majestic. With ITOURPUERTORICO, you can enjoy this extraordinary voyage too – whether it’s a day or evening sail or even one of their available charters.

Conquer The Monster Zipline Of The AMERICAS!

Are you ready to take on the MONSTER Zipline in Puerto Rico? Experience an adrenaline-filled thrill like no other, seeking adventure and living out your ultimate wildest dreams in Puerto Rico’s lush Caribbean rainforest! Join us on this unforgettable journey – from soaring high above the tree canopies with incredible views down below to admiring Northern Puerto Rico’s picturesque mountain ranges – all combined for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you will never forget.

Get ready for extreme fun and excitement as we conquer the Monster Zipline of the Americas!

Soar High Above the Caribbean Rainforest

Take on the MONSTER Zipline in Puerto Rico and experience an adrenaline-filled thrill! Join us on an unforgettable journey, soaring high above the tree canopy and living your ultimate wildest dreams.

Ultimate Thrill-Seeking Adventure

Our Monster zipline tour allows you to explore the hidden gems of Puerto Rico’s Caribbean rainforest. From soaring through the treetops to taking in stunning views of lush landscapes, this is an adventure you won’t soon forget!

Safe and Secure

We use only the highest-quality safety equipment and experienced guides to ensure your zipline tour is safe, secure, and exhilarating.

Experience Nature like Never Before

Our zipline tours offer a unique way to experience nature up close and personal – without ever having to leave the ground. So get ready for a wild ride full of breathtaking sights, exciting thrills, and memories that will last a lifetime!

Get ready to take flight and embark on your next outdoor journey with us.

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The National Rainforest El Yunque Hiking Tour

El Yunque National Rainforest

Puerto Rico is widely known for its rich scenery, amazing rainforests and unique locations. The  Rainforest Tours in Puerto Rico (El Yunque) is an exceptional, exciting and unique way to add a bit of spice and adventure into your life. It’s the ultimate way to experience Puerto Rico in all of its glory, in a way that’s not only creative, but exciting and fun at the same time. We bring you in a great adventure where you get to push the boundaries and enjoy some of the coolest and most creative experiences in Puerto Rico, all at a very affordable price.

What does the El Yunque tour consist of?

This tour will bring you to the Puerto Rico rainforest, where you get to hike through the most popular forest and engage in all kinds of adventures. But we know that everyone is just tired of walking randomly and seeing stuff. Which is why we added a bit of a twist to the original recipe. The focus is to bring in more adventure and fun, since that’s what we are all looking for all the time. That’s an incredible experience and something you do not want to miss. 

The amazing waterfall adventure 

We created a waterfall adventure tour where the focus is to help you experience the tropical rainforest, while also exploring the location. We have the perfect balance between knowledge and fun. Despite the fact that this is an adventure tour, we are also adding in facts and info about the fauna and flora in the forest. In addition, we cover the importance of conservation, and we always strive to bring you something that’s creative, fun and innovative at the same time. Not only that, but we want to teach everyone about protecting the environment and taking good care of it. In addition, we want to eliminate any concerns and challenges, while implementing a unique way to explore the location.

At the same time, we also have a multitude of leisure focused experiences, and we know how important it is to have a fun of fun along the way. That’s why after the hike we also have a waterfall with sliding adventures for those that really want to give it a shot for themselves and see how it all works and what experience it all provides.

Explore the rainforest in an amazing way

We know how important it is for everyone to just have fun and enjoy their experience in a creative way. At the same time, we also want to bring a unique and refreshing perspective when it comes to value and quality. We want everyone to enjoy a rewarding and amazing experience that will help push the limits in their own way.

The rainforest tour strikes the perfect balance between fun, adventure and creativity. We always want to push the limits and bring you something that’s very engaging and interesting. We know it can be difficult to narrow down how to make your rainforest tour more creative and exciting, and with our help you really get to do that in no time.

We also offer life jackets upon request, if you want to try out the waterfall sliding experience. The rainforest tour is all about exploring the rainforest from a new perspective and trying out something unique and fun. And that’s exactly what you are getting with this very engaging and rewarding experience. It’s certainly something that will help push the limits and enjoy a one of a kind experience. 

Even if the tour doesn’t include foods or drinks, we do stop at shops along the way and you will have no problem picking up everything you need. We understand the need for adventure and fun, and that’s why we created this tour for you. We want everyone to have an amazing time when visiting the rainforest, and with the rainforest tour you can easily do that. It really is an extraordinary and exceptional experience for anyone that loves having fun and exploring the results at their own pace. 

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Deals and Packages for Toro Verde Transportation!

Welcome to the world of adventure and excitement with Toro Verde Transportation Deals and Packages!

Welcome to the world of adventure and excitement with Toro Verde Transportation Deals and Packages!

If you are looking for an exhilarating experience that will take you on a lifetime journey, look no further than Toro Verde. With their state-of-the-art zip line tours and transportation services, you can explore the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Rico in style and comfort.

At Toro Verde, they understand the importance of convenience, so they offer pick-up services from San Juan areas and hotels. As a result, you don’t have to worry about finding your way to the tour location or navigating unfamiliar roads. Their reliable and comfortable transportation services allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

The pick-up service starts at 8 am, so you can start your day bright and early, ready for an adventure-filled day. First, you will be taken to the tour location, where you will be met by their friendly and professional team, who will guide you through the tour and ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Their zip line tours are one of the best in the world, with state-of-the-art equipment, experienced guides, and breathtaking views. You can choose from various packages that suit your needs and preferences, including the Beast Zip Line Tour, Monster Zip Line Tour, or Super Combo Zip Line Tour. Each package offers a different level of excitement and challenge, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience.

After your tour, you will be transported back to San Juan, arriving around 5:30 pm, giving you a full day of adventure. Whether traveling solo, with your family or friends or as part of a group, Toro Verde offers something for everyone.

In conclusion, Toro Verde Transportation Deals and Packages are the perfect choices for an adventure-filled day in Puerto Rico. With their reliable and comfortable transportation services, state-of-the-art zip line tours, and breathtaking views, you are guaranteed an experience like no other. So book your Toro Verde tour today and prepare for a lifetime adventure!

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Zipline The Best Exciting Tour

At El Yunque in Puerto Rico!

Rainforest Zip Line El Yunque Tour

Thrilling and Exciting Beach, Ziplining, and the Rainforest

Are you dreaming of the perfect Puerto Rican excursion?

Furthermore, it starts with our Best Day Tour in Puerto Rico: Luquillo Beach, Ziplining, and Rainforest adventure! As a result, feel the excitement as you soar over stunning rainforest canopies, or take time to relax on scenic Luquillo Beach – it’s the best of both worlds! Plus, no prior experience is required. Everyone 8 years old and up can join in on this tour! 

Escape to a place far from your worries, and immerse yourself in the wonders of El Yunque National Forest. From each platform, you’ll be presented with breathtaking views encompassing lush greenery for miles. Our trained professional staff will guide you every step of the way, as safety is always our top priority. 

Are you tired after all that ziplining?

Then it’s time to kick back with a few relaxing moments at Luquillo Beach. However, Feel free to snorkel around the jaw-dropping coral reefs or just lay your towel down by turquoise waters – take some time to appreciate nature and true natural beauty! Put your cares away while finding peace at one of our favorite beach spots.  

Experience Puerto Rico like never before with our Best Day Tour in Puerto Rico: Luquillo Beach, Ziplining, and Rainforest! Book today or contact us for more information about this unforgettable destination adventure.


Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Join us for an El Yunque Rainforest Zip Line Tour, where you’ll be surrounded by lush rainforest. The tour will include transportation. So don’t forget to bring a pair of socks, towels, water shoes, a change of clothing, and refreshments. Additional items like umbrellas, sunblock, sunglasses, and cameras are welcome. To enjoy the thrill of ziplining in Puerto Rico’s rainforest, you must be at least eight years old and 4 feet tall, with a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds. If anyone has medical conditions that might affect their participation, don’t hesitate to contact your tour guide beforehand to make suitable accommodations. So come along on this extraordinary journey starting at 10:00 AM through 6:00 PM!

Are you Looking To Travel Soon, To Puerto Rico? Make Sure You Read This First!


Why You Should NOT book through a third party company like Viator, TripAdvisor OR GuideYourGuide

When planning a trip, it’s tempting to save a few bucks by booking your activities through a third-party company like Viator or TripAdvisor. However, there are several reasons why you should avoid doing this. First and foremost, these companies often inflate the prices of their activities, which means you end up paying more than you would if you booked directly with the activity provider.

Furthermore, they frequently have little to no customer service, which means you’re on your own if something goes wrong with your booking. Finally, many of these companies are simply resellers, which means they don’t have any involvement in the activity itself – so how can you be sure that what you book will be good? For all these reasons, it’s best to avoid booking your activities through third-party companies; instead, book directly with the activity provider.

This way, you can be sure that what you’re getting is worth your money and time. If you are looking for an amazing tour in Puerto Rico, make sure to check out our website – we offer a wide variety of tours that will surely meet all your needs! With us, there won’t be any surprises or hidden costs, just great experiences at affordable prices. Book now and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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Are you looking for incredible adventures while in Puerto Rico? Look no further than i tour Puerto Rico! Our enthusiastic team is here to guide you through the best and most unique experiences the island has to offer. From thrilling, adrenaline-fueled journeys to captivating cultural experiences, our custom Tours will allow you to make the most out of your trip.

Our wide selection of Tour packages is perfect for any traveler, whether they’re looking for a dynamic adventure or a leisurely excursion. Take an unforgettable hike along some of Puerto Rico’s most magnificent trails, explore rainforest canopies, or wander through captivating cities like San Juan and the spectacular Bioluminescent bay of Fajardo. Or take a dip in one of the island’s many natural swimming pools with beautiful rock formations that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Whatever your desired level of intensity is, i tour Puerto Rico has something for everyone! We create tailor-made itineraries that let you customize each tour package according to your wishes and desires. With us as your guides, you’ll have everything at your fingertips-from award-winning attractions to local hotspots–all designed with comfort and convenience.

At i tour Puerto Rico, we’re committed to showing travelers all the Island has to offer while creating an experience they’ll never forget.

We invite you to come to explore Puerto Rico with us!


Rainforest Zipline ECO_Park

Experience nature and adrenaline in the Yunque Ziplining adventure tour, which takes place in the lively town of Luquillo, located in the northeast of Puerto Rico. A 45-minute drive from San Juan takes you to a secluded and private rainforest tucked in the mountains with unique views of El Yunque Rainforest, the only tropical rainforest in the US Forest System. Feel the buzz through the forest canopy in our 5 scenic ziplines, enjoy an exhilarating, easy, fun hanging canopy bridge, and an educational hike in the rainforest. Our views are like no other!

We offer our unique Zipline tour to anyone 8 years old and up, with or without previous experience, with the hope of helping you develop or improve the required skills of the sport while simply having a great time! There are few better places in the world to take a zipline tour than the beautiful Rio Grande and El Yunque National Forest landscape.

We strive to educate guests on preserving our forest ecosystems and the wonders of the living nature surrounding and encompassing us. We love to share the history and mystical enchantment of our island and El Yunque. This is an experience that you’re not likely to forget!

We guarantee a memorable ziplining adventure for you and your family here in Puerto Rico. Explore our ziplining tour options and plan your next visit to the El Yunque National Forest with Rainforest Zipline.



Puerto Rico is a country of many riches, and being able to explore all of its beauty and connect with nature is exciting and very rewarding. With that in mind, it can be difficult to figure out where to go and what places you can visit. Which is why exploring on your own can be difficult, since there are a lot of challenges. That’s why we offer you the ability to rent a van with a driver, so you can explore the region in all of its glory.

Why should you rent a van?

It’s always a good idea to opt for a van rental or any other similar option. The reason is simple, going with busses will bring a lot of stress and anxiety. You are always going to wait for others and that can obviously be a problem. What we think is the best option is that you do need to focus on taking your time and implementing the right results. 

In addition, you also want to commit to quality and value, and you do need to focus on the best results and process every time. The advantage when you use the van rental service in Puerto Rico is that you can finally focus on safety and well-being. You want to ensure that you have someone that knows the local region very well instead of randomly experimenting and hoping for the best. It’s a great idea to just avoid any rush and instead hire a professional that knows how to tackle all these things in a great way.

What makes our service unique is that we are the top transportation company in the entire Puerto Rico. We focus on private tours because we want to make it easy for you to access the solutions and features you want in no time. In addition, we want you to be safe no matter where you go, and we make the entire experience very exciting and creative at the same time. 

When you work with us, you will have direct access to some of the top transportation solutions on the market, and we guarantee you will be amazed with the value and attention to detail all the time. In addition, we strive to make it easy for you to reach any location you want without any problem.

Is the van rental service expensive?

No, what makes the service great is that it’s designed to be very affordable. We want to make it easy for you to explore Puerto Rico in all of its glory. You can easily talk with our drivers and they will make it easy for you to create a great plan at all times. That helps make the experience exciting and creative, while also pushing the boundaries no matter the situation. That on its own is amazing and you will be extremely happy with the benefits and quality every step of the way.

Can you use the Puerto Rico van rental service as a group?

Of course, you can choose to rent it as a group, but it’s important to keep in mind the capacity of that vehicle you want to rent. That’s because a van can host up to 13 passengers. We also have mini busses that have 24, but also 29 passengers. We are always focused on accommodating everything based on the customer needs, and that way you can ensure results are very good no matter the situation. All you need is to contact us beforehand and we will help you with the appropriate rental solution that fits your own needs. That will help save time and effort.

 An exciting way to visit Puerto Rico in any way you want

Private rentals like the van rental we are offering are very creative and they really push the boundaries while making the experience creative and enjoyable. We are ready to assist with comprehensive features that allow you to go anywhere at any given time. That on its own helps immensely and it will provide you with the attention to detail and quality that you want. Plus, you will be able to choose the van or bus you want, all at your own pace. It’s a clever and downright impressive system that you will appreciate more than expected, with the results being great all the time. 

Suitable for any visit or event

That’s the beauty of van rentals, they are great for locals, but also foreigners that are tourists and want to visit the country. Everyone that wants to explore Puerto Rico or visit its amazing locations needs to give our service a try, because we are offering the focus and quality you want. It’s a great idea to work closely with us, since we are always more than happy to assist and provide you with exceptional results. Nothing is impossible if you work with a team that you can trust, and we are always happy to deliver the great service you always wanted.

Clean, serviced vans and busses

When you rent any of our vans, what you will like is their cleanliness and exceptional quality. We always service the vans to ensure that our customers have a very good experience. That way you can rest assured you never have to worry about any problems that might arise. All you need is to contact our team, let us know what van or mini bus you need or how many are required, and we will accommodate accordingly.

It’s a great idea to use a professional van rental service, and our team is here to guarantee that you will always have access to the best results and solutions. We are firm believers that once you work with a team of experts, you will be able to travel anywhere in Puerto Rico without a problem. Rest assured that our team is always here to assist you. Puerto Rico is an amazing country and the best way to explore it is via your own van, without having to rely on public transportation. Just give us a try today and we guarantee you will have a stellar experience!

Cueva Ventana Arecibo and Cueva del Indio

Tour Description

Two Caves 1/2 Day Adventure

The beauty of roadside sights on the way to Cueva Ventana is stunning while the views that await you from the cave are magnificent. The cave window frames the Arecibo Valley! The fabulous scenes from cave window are the main reason Cueva Ventana has quickly become one of the top destinations in Puerto Rico.

This half-day tour consists of a visit to Cueva Ventana and Cueva del Indio with a lunch break in between.

Cueva Ventana was certified by the PR Tourism Company as an eco-tourist attraction for its environmental conservation practices. This tour includes a visit to the facilities with two caves, a walk through the forest and the view of the cave towards the valley. The place has a period of the antiquity of 30 million years and has a secondary forest in the karst topography zone. In the grounds, we will be exposed to 100 species of native and exotic trees. The place is home to a great diversity of animals and endemic species just to Puerto Rico. In the cave, we can see pictographs of our aborigines and petroglyphs with face formations. You’ll be impressed to see the communities of different species of bats along with one of the best scenic views of Puerto Rico. At the end of the tour, we will see a canyon, valley, the big river of Arecibo and the highest peak in Puerto Rico. Here you will learn why the cave is called Cueva Ventana or “Window Cave”. Then we’ll stop for an authentic Puerto Rican lunch break, not included in the price, before heading out to the next cave.

Once we arrive at the site of Cueva del Indio, we will hike up an uneven terrain in order to see a bird’s eye view of the Cueva del Indio. We will also enjoy the view of the arches. The reserve has about 8 arches formed by dunes cemented which captivate us with its scenic view and the Atlantic Ocean. We can also see the 350-foot statue of Christopher Columbus, one of the tallest statues in the Americas.

If you want to see the mountains and the coast in 1/2 day, this is your best option.


Approximately 4-5 hours

Days and Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Saturday (Pick-ups begin at 8 am)
  • Sundays (Pick-ups begin at 9:30 am)

Tour Includes

  • Transportation (Round Trip)
  • Cave Entrance Fees
  • Best Certified Tour Guides
  • Photos taken by the tour guide
  • Requirements


  • Comfortable clothes
  • Hiking boots or sneakers
  • Available 7 days a week
  • This tour requires a minimum of 2 people to go out
  • Pick up starts at 1:00 pm and we will return at 6:00 pm approximately
  • Intensity level: Moderate


  • Wear Tennis shoes that have a grip or hiking shoes (Recommended)
  • No flip-flops or sandals
  •  Have a good lunch before the tour
  • Snacks (Optional)
  • Camera

Price Per Person

  • $127 + tax

Book now! By using the availability calendar below:

Tour duration and return times are approximate and may vary slightly due to weather, traffic conditions and circumstances beyond the tour operator’s control.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 48 hours before the scheduled tour date and local time via EMAIL ONLY. A sales representative will respond with validation of requested cancellation. Those who intend to cancel within the 48 hour time frame will be fully charged by the designated tour operator. There will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS under any circumstance to waive any fees.

After submittion of requested tour, you agree to our 48 hour cancellation policy and acknowledge any cancellations made within the given time frame are to be considered a FINAL SALE. There will be No Re-scheduling, and NO REFUNDS will be given.

Please note some tours depend on weather conditions to function and may be affected. Unfortunately, mother nature is out of our control, any changes required will be notified to you immediately. For safety concerns, if a tour operator cancels the scheduled tour, the option of re-scheduling will be given or a refund will be provided.

Beach Horseback Riding Adventure

Tour Description

This once in a lifetime experience will take you off the beaten path to enjoy a landscape surrounded by natural beauty. Feel a change of pace allowing the soul to reconnect with nature. Our horseback riding on the beach adventure will allow you to traverse the crystal clear waters of the Mameyes River to finally reach Luquillo´s Gold Coast.  You will have a unique opportunity to ride on your horse along gorgeous beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Upon arriving to Luquillo Beach, you will enjoy a visit to a tropical bar, allowing guests to relax, swim at the beach and try our delicious tropical drinks. This tour caters to all levels of riders: beginners, intermediate, and experienced riders are all welcome.

All the El Yunque Horse Riding Adventure / 2 1/2 hrs tour participants are given lessons in Horseback riding, including safety rules and regulations, before departing. Our experienced staff will determine the appropriate horse per individual guest in accordance with weight, height, and experience.


Approximately 2.5 hours

Days and Hours of Operation

  •  Monday through Sunday
  • From Friday to Monday at 10:00 am or 1:30 pm
  • Tuesday Only at 10:00 am
  • Wednesday Only At  1:00 pm

Tour Includes

All participants are given lessons in horseback riding including safety rules and regulations before departing.

Our experienced staff will determine the appropriate horse per individual guest in accordance with weight, height, and experience.


  • Activity Level: Low to Moderate
  • Age: 3 yrs and older (Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Maximum weight: 240 lbs.
  • Attire: long pants, sneakers or boots

Price Per Person

$99 + tax

*PLEASE NOTE: When reserving an adult and a child, you must first reserve the adult and proceed with an additional booking for the child by clicking the add another booking tab after completion of the first booking.

Book Now!

Tour duration and return times are approximate and may vary slightly due to weather, traffic conditions and circumstances beyond the tour operator’s control.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 48 hours before the scheduled tour date and local time via EMAIL ONLY. A sales representative will respond with validation of requested cancellation. Those who intend to cancel within the 48-hour time frame will be fully charged by the designated tour operator. There will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS under any circumstance to waive any fees.

After submission of the requested tour, you agree to our 48-hour cancellation policy and acknowledge any cancellations made within the given time frame are to be considered a FINAL SALE. There will be No Re-scheduling, and NO REFUNDS will be given.

Please note some tours depend on weather conditions to function and may be affected. Unfortunately, mother nature is out of our control, any changes required will be notified to you immediately. For safety concerns, if a tour operator cancels the scheduled tour, the option of re-scheduling will be given or a refund will be provided.