Rainforest Zipline ECO_Park

Experience nature and adrenaline in the Yunque Ziplining adventure tour, which takes place in the lively town of Luquillo, located in the northeast of Puerto Rico. A 45-minute drive from San Juan takes you to a secluded and private rainforest tucked in the mountains with unique views of El Yunque Rainforest, the only tropical rainforest in the US Forest System. Feel the buzz through the forest canopy in our 5 scenic ziplines, enjoy an exhilarating, easy, fun hanging canopy bridge, and an educational hike in the rainforest. Our views are like no other!

We offer our unique Zipline tour to anyone 8 years old and up, with or without previous experience, with the hope of helping you develop or improve the required skills of the sport while simply having a great time! There are few better places in the world to take a zipline tour than the beautiful Rio Grande and El Yunque National Forest landscape.

We strive to educate guests on preserving our forest ecosystems and the wonders of the living nature surrounding and encompassing us. We love to share the history and mystical enchantment of our island and El Yunque. This is an experience that you’re not likely to forget!

We guarantee a memorable ziplining adventure for you and your family here in Puerto Rico. Explore our ziplining tour options and plan your next visit to the El Yunque National Forest with Rainforest Zipline.

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