Cueva Ventana Arecibo and Cueva del Indio

Tour Description

Two Caves 1/2 Day Adventure

The beauty of roadside sights on the way to Cueva Ventana is stunning while the views that await you from the cave are magnificent. The cave window frames the Arecibo Valley! The fabulous scenes from cave window are the main reason Cueva Ventana has quickly become one of the top destinations in Puerto Rico.

This half-day tour consists of a visit to Cueva Ventana and Cueva del Indio with a lunch break in between.

Cueva Ventana was certified by the PR Tourism Company as an eco-tourist attraction for its environmental conservation practices. This tour includes a visit to the facilities with two caves, a walk through the forest and the view of the cave towards the valley. The place has a period of the antiquity of 30 million years and has a secondary forest in the karst topography zone. In the grounds, we will be exposed to 100 species of native and exotic trees. The place is home to a great diversity of animals and endemic species just to Puerto Rico. In the cave, we can see pictographs of our aborigines and petroglyphs with face formations. You’ll be impressed to see the communities of different species of bats along with one of the best scenic views of Puerto Rico. At the end of the tour, we will see a canyon, valley, the big river of Arecibo and the highest peak in Puerto Rico. Here you will learn why the cave is called Cueva Ventana or “Window Cave”. Then we’ll stop for an authentic Puerto Rican lunch break, not included in the price, before heading out to the next cave.

Once we arrive at the site of Cueva del Indio, we will hike up an uneven terrain in order to see a bird’s eye view of the Cueva del Indio. We will also enjoy the view of the arches. The reserve has about 8 arches formed by dunes cemented which captivate us with its scenic view and the Atlantic Ocean. We can also see the 350-foot statue of Christopher Columbus, one of the tallest statues in the Americas.

If you want to see the mountains and the coast in 1/2 day, this is your best option.


Approximately 4-5 hours

Days and Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Saturday (Pick-ups begin at 8 am)
  • Sundays (Pick-ups begin at 9:30 am)

Tour Includes

  • Transportation (Round Trip)
  • Cave Entrance Fees
  • Best Certified Tour Guides
  • Photos taken by the tour guide
  • Requirements


  • Comfortable clothes
  • Hiking boots or sneakers
  • Available 7 days a week
  • This tour requires a minimum of 2 people to go out
  • Pick up starts at 1:00 pm and we will return at 6:00 pm approximately
  • Intensity level: Moderate


  • Wear Tennis shoes that have a grip or hiking shoes (Recommended)
  • No flip-flops or sandals
  •  Have a good lunch before the tour
  • Snacks (Optional)
  • Camera

Price Per Person

  • $127 + tax

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