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    At the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico, experience this Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tour, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Puerto Rico visited by locals and foreign tourists alike. You will cross a canal inside the nature reserve that is surrounded by mangroves. This protects from strong winds and helps you paddle easily in calm waters. [tourbookbutton] The best part of this tour is to enjoy the incredibly glowing water of the "Big Lagoon"! Tiny bioluminescent organisms called "pyridinium bahamenses" cause this wonder of nature. They produce blue-green light from top to bottom of this bay every time you touch or move the water with your kayak. Duration Approximately 2 hours Days and Hours of Operation Monday through Saturday Tour Includes All kayak equipment RequirementsMaximum Weight 220 pounds pp Children are welcome (6 years and up) What to wear Bring Towels Additional clothes in case you get wet Water shoes or sandals with velcro adjustment recommended Eyewear retainer cord (if necessary) Pick up Time: 6:30 pm approx. Returning to San Juan around 10:30 to 11:00 pm approx. Price Per Person $99 + Tax Cash Only [checkfront item_id="31" category_id="4" options=category_select] Tour duration and return times are approximate and may vary slightly due to weather, traffic conditions, and circumstances beyond the tour operator’s control. Cancellation Policy Cancellations must be made 48 hours before the scheduled tour date and local time via EMAIL ONLY. A sales representative will respond with validation of the requested cancellation. Those who intend to cancel within the 48-hour time frame will be fully charged by the designated tour operator. There will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS under any circumstance to waive any fees. After submission of the requested tour, you agree to our 48-hour cancellation policy and acknowledge any cancellations made within the given time frame are to be considered a FINAL SALE. There will be No Re-scheduling, and NO REFUNDS will be given. ***WE ARE HUMANS MAKE SURE TO READ YOUR TOUR DESCRIPTIONS. VERIFY DESIRED TOUR MATCHES WITH PICTURES ON THE PAGE AND YOU ARE REDIRECTED TO THE PROPER TOUR LANDING PAGE. DOUBLE CHECK CONFIRMATION EMAILS, GLITCHES MAY OCCUR AND WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INFORMATION NOT CORRECTED. YOU MUST EMAIL US AND INFORM IT. Please note some tours depend on weather conditions to function and may be affected. Unfortunately, mother nature is out of our control, any changes required will be notified to you immediately. For safety concerns, if a tour operator cancels the scheduled tour, the option of re-scheduling will be given or a refund will be provided.